3J Driveline - Servicing and Spares   

Servicing and repairs of all units are completed ‘in house’ by our experienced technicians. Prior to being stripped and inspected, all units are tested when received into our workshop. A comprehensive check, test and clean is completed, and all details logged on the service record, which is signed off at each stage of the service, before a diagnosis is confirmed.  
Our workshop operates a ‘full traceability’ best practice standard. This means, should you wish to see it a full service-report can be produced at any time. This open policy demonstrates our confidence in our build and servicing facilities. We always consult with our customers advising of our findings, and our recommended course of action, together with associated costs, ‘prior to reassembly’ to ensure we deliver on budget and on time. Once reassembly is complete all LSDs, CWPs and gearboxes are thoroughly tested, including pressure testing on our bespoke test rig. Only once we are happy, will we sign it off as ready for return. 

Consultation and servicing of non-3J products   

Our workshop is also able to offer consultation and servicing in house on a range of non-3J differentials and transmissions. 
Customers’ own ‘non-3J’ units are treated in exactly the same manner and adhere to the same ‘workshop good practices’ and full reporting routines. So if you have a non-3J unit that needs servicing or repairing, and are looking for an experienced company to carry out the labour for you, simply purchase the required replacement/service parts from the appropriate manufacturer. Ship the unit, along with the parts, to us and we will install them for you. For more information contact us or email dan@3Jdriveline.com 


The below prices are for labour only, all replacement parts will be at additional cost, for a more accurate quote on your application contact us or email sales@3Jdriveline.com with your requirements. 
FWD Differential strip, clean, inspect and reassemble 
RWD Differential strip, clean, inspect and reassemble 
English CWP alignment/setting/fitting 
Atlas CWP alignment/setting/fitting 
Sierra 7” CWP/LSD fitment/setting 
FWD gearbox LSD fitting 
from £250 
RWD gearbox strip, clean, inspect and reassemble 
from £200 


We hold a full range of service and repair parts that are available for direct purchase. For your convenience we have listed the most commonly required spares, if you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us or email sales@3jdriveline.com with your requirements. 
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