3J Driveline ltd is one of the UK’s leading drivetrain specialists.  

Producing Limited Slip Differentials, Performance Gearkits and Gearboxes, uprated halfshafts and much more. All of our products are proudly designed, produced and manufactured right here in the UK, so you can buy with confidence that we will not compromise on quality. 

Latest News from 3J Driveline  We are pleased to announce that the 3J Driveline NXG Performance Limited Slip Differential is now available for the Peugueot ML Transmission.  This can be purchased directly through Spoox Motorsport, who are the sole suppliers of this product.   

Show Us Yours 
Oliver Foord sent us over this picture of his Peugeot 206 with a 3J Driveline NXG LSD fitted, flicking up plenty of dirt!  
Oliver speaks highly of his NXG Performance unit: "I absolutely love the 3J compared to my previous ‘gear’ type unit. It gets the job done superbly and the difference was instantly noticeable. Spoox sorted me out after discussions about the many different options available with ramps and preloads. I'm running a 40d/90c medium pre-load set up". 
Feel free to send us images of your 3J-Equipped car and we'll happily share them on here and on our social media channels.  
Please send your high-resoultion pictures to ben@3Jdriveline.com  
and we'll do the rest! 
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