3J Driveline - Performance Halfshafts 

3J Driveline Uprated Half Shafts 

When upgrading the Drivetrain of your vehicle, you should also consider the technical implication and importance of upgrading the surrounding/adjoining components.  
Half shafts are often overlooked. 
However, the upgrading of the engine, transmission and differential can potentially leave the shafts as the weakest link. Particularly if the engine is being fitted to a high mileage donor axle. Or one with a history of motorsport and fast road use.  
Our 3J Driveline halfshafts have been created using our unique spline pattern design, which provides and increased strength. 
Our Fast Road two-piece shafts are machined from billet and fabricated from high tensile alloy steel (EN24T/S155) which delivers a far greater sheer resistance than an OE part and they are one of the strongest replacement shafts available on the market today. 
Prices start at £745 +VAT 
Our 3J Driveline NXG Heavy Duty Half Shafts have been specifically designed to address the needs of the more aggressive application. 
Manufactured using Aviation Specification materials, each shaft undergoes a specific and specialist heat treatment procedure. 
This, combined with the shaft's non-tapered and 3J wide-tooth spline design, means that these shafts benefit from not only being significantly stronger than a tapered shaft, but also offer a reduction in weight. 
At 3J Driveline we are able to manufacture Half Shafts to bespoke lengths and applications. 
So, if you have a particular requirement, contact our sales team who will be happy to assist. 


Important information regarding fitment of 3J DRIVELINE uprated half shafts in the Ford Anglia 105e English Axle 
Early Ford Anglia 105e Axle casing (Pre-1967) 
The "early" 105e Anglia axle uses the same Half Shaft bearings as the Mk1 Cortina. These bearings have no internal oil seal. Instead the seal is internal of the axle casing. If installing our uprated tapered Half Shafts, it is neccessary to remove these oil seals from the axle casing.  
This in turn means that you will need to install the later 'Escort-type' bearings which utilise internal oil seals. These bearings are wider than the Cortina ones, and so will require a spacer-plate to be installed between the Half Shaft retaining plate and the axle casing. This is in order to carry the wider bearing.  
If installing our NXG 'HD' Half Shafts, you can retain the standard oil seals and use early-type bearings, but you will require a 5mm spacer between the shoulder on the shaft, and the bearing.  
Late Ford Anglia 105e Axle casing (1967-on) 
This axle uses the same bearing as the Escort, which has internal oil seals. You can install either our Fast Road tapered, or NXG HD, Half Shafts as a direct replacement using the Escort-type bearings.  
In both instances, there may still be minor variations and should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  
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